Hello! I'm Anirudh

A computer science student and tech enthusiast. Welcome to my home on the internet!

About Me

I'm a freshman at PES University, Bangalore. I love exploring and building projects.

My current interests include distributed systems and databases, systems programming and back-end development.

What I'm working on right now

  • Working on the MIT 6.5840 labs on distributed systems
  • Learning the Rust programming language
  • Building anna, a static site generator written in Go
  • Improving this site

Guide to this site

  • You can find my blogs at posts
  • The projects section lists some of the projects I've worked on
  • You can learn more about me in the about page
  • Timeline contains details of my open source contributions and talks I've delivered
  • To quickly find posts of a specific category, head to the tags page
  • To reach out, visit the contact page